A statement by ROLKEM  - Tuesday, 15 May, 2018


Product Recall of ROLKEM Super Gold and ROLKEM Rose Gold By Fabricake Sugarcraft


The Product Recall

This product recall is a voluntary recall done by Fabricake Sugarcraft.  The documentation in ROLKEM’s possession shows that a faulty batch of ROLKEM Special Rose Gold was tested by the South-End on Sea Borrow Council. The FSA did not recall the product. We have only received documents pertaining to the ROLKEM Special Rose Gold, and none pertaining to the ROLKEM Super Gold.


The quantification of the affected product:

The documents received by ROLKEM from Fabricake late Thursday afternoon state that it is only a certain batch that contained 0.575 gram of copper in the 50 gram container (that is 1% of the total product that contained copper.)  During normal cake decorating use the standard amount of total colouring used when painting or blushing is less than 3 gram on a cake. (We agree that no copper is allowed, and that is the reason why ROLKEM requested a withdrawal of the affected batch from the distributors whom has received the product on 26 February 2018.)


As stated on the document received from the South-End on Sea Borrow Council, the following:

“In my opinion the quantity of this colouring matter likely to be ingested is less than 1g and therefore unlikely to exceed the NOAEL (no observed adverse effect)”


An issue in labelling

Although all batches of products are thoroughly tested prior to dispatch, during a manufacturing production process a key ingredient in the formula had bypassed our internal checks/quality controls. This issue had been brought to our attention at the end of February. By then several imports had been taken place in UK, Australia & Canada. (Please also refer to the statement by Cake Stuff and Bake Group Australia)

The problem is really one of labelling, due to a problem within Rolkem's own supply chain

The supplier of our Nano-gold Particles (classed as edible and with the European number E175) reported contamination in a batch where powdered brass and copper was included in place of or as well as gold. This means the ingredients labelling is wrong and, therefore, not allowed under EU Regulation EC 1333 / 2008.

Are there any other products that have been affected?

No!  From our catalogue of 450+ products, only the above 2 stated products have been affected. No other products have been affected.


What do I do if I’ve received a pot from the affected batch?

If you've received a pot from the affected batch, please contact your supplier who will replace the product with a correct batch


We completely understand if you are concerned about this issue and would like to talk to someone about this so please feel free to call our help line on the number: + 27 14 743 3111 and speak to Adinda or Heindrich. 


Will this happen again?

No absolutely not,  and this is a company promise to all our clients. Since the issue we have introduced 3 new internal checking divisions that will ensure all ‘ROLKEM products are processed with even thorough precision which involves state of the art equipment and new processing tools which helps our division move from the old conventional way of providing checks to the new, seamless and efficient 'new generation' method of acquiring accurate internal data which will ensure no batches to be affected during the manufacturing process.


Is there any risk to my health?

NO! As stated in the analyses report from the accredited laboratory  testing on behalf of the South-End Burrow Council: “In my opinion the quantity of this colouring matter likely to be ingested is less than 1g and therefore unlikely to exceed the NOAEL (no observed adverse effect)”


In the UK we work alongside the FSA (Food Standard Agencies). There is absolutely no immediate effect to your health for it only gets consumed in small quantities as we all only use it for craft purposes.



Constant updates will be posted regularly on Facebook - keeping you informed and updated. Dates of the new batches of Rolkem Super Gold and the Special Blend Rose Gold will also be announced in the coming weeks.


About us (from humble beginnings)

ROLKEM was founded in 1986 by Roleen Kemp. Roleen was an exceptional Cake

Decorator, that found that the colours available in the market was not conforming to

her high standards. Together with the help of her daughters, Karin, a plant

physiologist, and Heidi, a Medical dietician, they formulated the first colours.

The colours was designed by a cake decorator for Cake decorators. Roleen was well

known in the sugar craft industry for her expertise as well as excellent standards in

decorating. On 9 November 2007, Roleen left us.


What makes us different?

This business has grown under the leadership of CEO Andries Kemp, Roleen’s son,an

accountant and sugar artist, to produce in excess of 450 different colours and hues,

in 18 colour ranges. The innovative manufacturing techniques allow RKSA, the

holding company of the ROLKEM Brand, to produce organic and vegan approved

pigments and colours, that is not only fade resistant, but also colours that has no

fragrance and it will not affect the taste of any finished product. 17 of our 18 colour

ranges are completely organic, and do not contain any Azzu-Dyes.


We firmly believe: “A world filled with colour is a word filled with joy!”


If you have any queries pertaining to this do not hesitate to contact me.


Heindrich Oberholzer


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